I’ve always been inspired by popular Fantasy Artists, most notably Luis Royo and Boris Vallejo, with their images of strong, sexy, warrior women. I started creating images like these because I enjoyed the trial and error process of digitally illustrating armor in Photoshop and trying to make it look realistic, while still keeping the painted-like quality.


So I got this idea of recreating the famous fairytale princesses back in the Spring of 2012, while I was working on my comic CONFLICT. Actually the first image I did like this was a recreation of the popular character Wonder Woman. I enjoyed the result so much that I began thinking “hmm what other popular characters would this style contrast well with?” I was watching a lot of Disney movies around then (since my daughter was 4 at the time), and the first one to pop into my head was Snow White. After that one turned out better than I expected, I decided to continue with creating images of the other famed princesses.



WarriorPrincess_002_480x720 WarriorPrincess_003_480x720 WarriorPrincess_004_470x720 WarriorPrincess_006_460x720

by Mike Roshuk




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