The challenge was: how to overcome the negative image of wine sold in pouches or as a “bag in a box”, which is often synonymous with poor quality, especially in Europe? The environmental/financial benefits of lighter packaging are well documented but the wine sector is famously resistant to change. Creative agency REVERSE INNOVATION’s objective was to create a new style of packaging that exudes quality in every detail while also adding value to the product experience.


REVERSE Innovation and winemakers GIGANTE have developed a graphic and structural pack that should appeal to a demanding audience. The result is a truly innovative design that cleverly and elegantly reinterprets the classic “Bordeaux” bottle by means of an intriguing play of solid areas and empty spaces, emphasized by the contrasting opaque and gloss surfaces of the materials used. A simple and black pouch is wrapped by a paper rigid structure that define the elegant and sophisticated shape of the final product. Thanks to the paper structure the self-standing is guaranteed.


The graphic design plays a crucial role for the innovative product. The geographical origin of the grape is enhanced by the use of blind embossing and UV varnish to reproduce the distinctive terracing of the vineyard. The naturally irregular but almost concentric patterns recall the rows of vines growing on softly undulating slopes. The illustration of the vineyard location even uses the specific shape of the local vine leaf, which is characteristic of this splendid wine-producing area. A new vineyard, a new blend, and a pioneering approach to a very traditional sector of packaging. It’s the first step of an alternative journey of discovery and innovation.



Thanks to it’s structural design, the wine pouch is self-standing and remains vertical while in use. This means that the pouch may be left on a table as you would a normal bottle. It opens with a regular screw top and is easy to serve. After use, the pouch may be recycled by simply separating the paper and plastic elements.


 Designed by Reverse Innovation

via A’Design Award & Competition




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