We can all agree that receiving a business card is pretty much a non-event, but we all have them and people are very happy to take them off your hands, never to look at them again and almost always its an opportunity missed.

So whilst working at Network BBDO Cape Town, we decided to create something a bit more memorable for Wrigleys Sub-Saharan staff members – scented gum stick business cards. The business cards came packaged in traditional Wrigleys gum stick wrappers encased in a pilfer box (the type you would find in-store). These business cards are scented fruity and spearmint and were printed on Curious Touch paper to emulate the rubbery feel of a gum stick.

The idea
To hand out the business cards to current and prospective clients, under the pretence of being offered a gum stick. Hopefully this would cause a smile in the mind, a great talking point and act as an ice breaker. Even if the business card is discarded the event will live on for a while longer.

Gum stick business card_001_720x629 Gum stick business card_002_720x540

Designed by Johann du Bruyn




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