The Rodolfo Console Table was inspired by how you can design a furniture and yet provide 2 different designs depending on which side you are looking at. This console table has 2 designs in one.


The basic frame is made of mahogany and black veneer and with the Pinnidae as design detail. They are a taxonomic family of large saltwater clams sometimes known as pen shells. The pen shells are easily available in the waters of the Philippines.


All the materials used in the Rodolfo have been sourced from sustainable materials and means of production: Kiln dried Mahogany is a fast growing hardwood, and both Mahogany and the pen shells are farmed and sourced locally in the Philippines.


It was important that the pattern of the wood veneer is evident so Ito Kish’s team decided to initially be brown veneer and that they painted over to achieve the black with wood pattern. The use of pen shells was a good choice to contrast the blackness of the veneer and provide an organic feel.



The shape of the inner structure made it very interesting and they made sure that it could support a good weight on top to serve as a console table. The pen shells was meticulously glued to give a shine and touch or color. RodolfoTable_005ItoKish_720x720

by Ito Kish

via A’Design Award & Competition




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