Since 5 years old, people used to call Dri Ilustre  ‘artist’ and told him to pursue this career when he grows up. From childhood doodles, to anime drawings perfected by tons of plates regarding perspective, anatomy, typography, and all the freehand stuff from college. Now, he can proudly say that he is a true artist by profession. In fact, he was a finalist of a national student painting competition during his under-graduate.

When he first learned Adobe Photoshop, he was so stoked by how it works and how it simplified things compared to the traditional way. So, Dri began to experiment and explore its maximum potential. Eventually, he also joined a national competition for student in this category and became a finalist as well. Currently, he is working with a series of digital art uploaded in the internet, and surprisingly, it’s going viral in different sharing sites and art platform like Pinterest.

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