To celebrate its 20th anniversary, telecom giant Orange, launched the #FutureSelf campaign across the European markets. Created in partnership with agency of record, Paris-based Publicis Conseil, Orange is inviting people to engage in a first of its kind technological journey 20 years down the road to meet and speak with one’s future self.

Publicis Conseil tapped Jam3, to bring the digital experience to life. They used a host of digital enhancement technologies to re-imagine the user’s 20-year older self. Faceshift (facial motion capture software) was used on live actors and enabled them to track and replicate facial muscle movement. Then using a combination of 3D rendering, aging simulation browser technologies like Google’s speech API and WebGL, a ‘living’ speaking version of your future self appears, ready to have a conversation with your curious present self via webcam.

Users can ask themselves a variety of questions, anything ranging from the personal – love, children and money – to the more outlandish, like the current state of the Justin Bieber or the number of robots in your family.

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ORANGE: Futureself




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