Rachelle Dagñalan has a penchant for designing furniture pieces that have something interesting in them. The accidental concept of Musketeers would not have been realized if not for a not-so-ordinary sight in an unexpected place and time. The inspiration came from an unusual wireframe streetlight the designer saw in a countryside port, waiting for a delayed boat ride. It’s serendipity, perhaps! These three-legged mighty Musketeers then got its name from the literary masterpiece, “The Three Musketeers.”


The Musketeers. Simple. Elegant. Functional. The Musketeers are three-legged stools made of powder-coated aluminum bent into shape with laser-cut powerful legs. A three-legged base has been proven geometrically to be actually more stable and has least chance of wobbling than having four. With superb balance and functionality, the Musketeers’ elegance in its modernist look make it the perfect piece to have in your room.

MusketeersStools_002RachelleDagñalan_720x720 MusketeersStools_003RachelleDagñalan_720x720 MusketeersStools_004RachelleDagñalan_720x720

The Musketeers is made of powder-coated aluminum rods, bent into shape, welded onto laser-cut legs, topped with an upholstered cushion for the seat.


Designed by Rachelle Dagñalan

via A’Design Award & Competition




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