We previously featured the awesome works of filipina painter Valerie Ann Chua,  check out more of her works below:

A BA Humanities graduate, she has worked as an illustrator for commercial clients in the beauty and fashion industry where her primary subject dealt with the female form, beauty and aesthetic.


Due to her relentless exposure to the world of female aesthetics, Chua’s new found attention explores the prospect of reversing her previous work, in which she breaks down physical skin-deep constructs, especially, but not limited to, the female form. Humanity’s constant strife for beauty and deification becomes a stifling problem to the artist as she sees perfection as a far flung idealization that remains merely in the insatiable mind; therefore, she finds it fruitless to translate it into concrete images of people. In effect, female forms in Chua’s works are seen as being swallowed by instruments of adoration such as flora and fauna. Instead of beautifying, she reduces what resembles epitomes in efforts to show stillness and grace in dehumanization.

ValerieAnnChua_10_800x1400 ValerieAnnChua_11_800x1400 ValerieAnnChua_12_800x1400 ValerieAnnChua_13_800x1400 ValerieAnnChua_14_800x1400 ValerieAnnChua_15_800x1400

by Valerie Ann Chua




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