Ever wonder if the characters you see on TV, in movies and in comic books are hiding something behind their masks? That perhaps they’re really someone — or something — else?


When pop culture is such a huge part of our lives, we’re bombarded with these characters everywhere we turn. Each time we see a new character in a movie, video game or commercial, we feel a sudden sense deja vu. There’s something about their goofy grin, that creepy laugh, or those boogly eyes that feels eerily familiar…


This got artist Alex Solis thinking. Is anything we see ever 100% original? Or is everything we experience really just our minds piecing together past experiences to create something that feels unique and new?


In Icons Unmasked, Alex is trying to bring a new sense of discovery to characters everyone has seen hundreds of times. He wanted to recreate the experience of what it might be like to see one iconic character from your childhood for the first time as an adult.

Proceed at your own caution and keep in mind the following illustrations cannot be unseen. Your childhood might possibly be destroyed forever.

IconsUnmasked_36AlexSolis_720x1024 IconsUnmasked_37AlexSolis_720x1024 IconsUnmasked_38AlexSolis_720x1024 IconsUnmasked_39AlexSolis_720x1024 IconsUnmasked_40AlexSolis_720x1024 IconsUnmasked_41AlexSolis_720x1024 IconsUnmasked_42AlexSolis_720x1024 IconsUnmasked_43AlexSolis_720x1024 IconsUnmasked_44AlexSolis_720x1024 IconsUnmasked_45AlexSolis_720x1024 IconsUnmasked_46AlexSolis_720x1024 IconsUnmasked_47AlexSolis_720x1024

by Alex Solis




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