Haori Cup is Japanese bentwood drink wear.  Japanese designer Tomoya Nasuda have united two of the Japanese traditional crafts, “Hasami Yaki” and “Hakata Magemono” to make the “Haori Cup”. Both “Hasami Yaki” and “Hakata Magemono” receives high evaluation and is well known in Japan however it is still unknown to the world. When talking around the origin of manufacturing the two traditional crafts, Nasuda wanted to create a value of a new traditional craft. Therefore, He have combined the two together in order to better highlight each of their characteristics.



The motif of “Haori Cup” is the Japanese cloth called “Haori”. Wrapping the cup by wood bent like cloth, we dress up Japanese traditional pottery with Japanese traditional cloth.


In order to fully bring out the best of each of the traditional crafts, they have kept each of the designs simple, so it will form a much more beautiful proportion once the two products are combined together as well as so you can stack each product on top of each other when not in use.


In Haori Cup, they are using the clay that is mined from Amakusa district which is located in the southern part of Japan. This clay is a senior grade of “Eri Jou” in raw materials of the porcelain.

The most important technology used in “Haori Cup” is the “Hakata Magemono”.  That is a traditional Japanese technique to bend a single wooden plate by hand. Normaly wooden plates are bent, it breaks into pieces. Therefore, they bent the wooden plate after they’ve soften them by boiling in hot water. Nevertheless, another factor a wooden plate cracks is when it is a cross grain wood. In order to avoid them from cracking, a straight grain wooden plate must be used. It simply brings out the appeal of wood and every product has its own individual flavor and warmth.

HaoriCup_003a HaoriCup_003b

HaoriCup_004a HaoriCup_004b

Nasuda’s team want everyone around the world to experience the touch of Japan. Insulating one’s hands from the heat of hot drinks and absorbing the condensation formed by cold drinks.

They have combined the two special features and designed a cup where you can enjoy comfortably when drinking both hot and cold drinks.

by Tomoya Nasuda




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