What would your weekly supermarket run look like if you had a billion in the bank? For oil magnate T. Boone Pickens, grocery shopping is less extravagant than you might expect: composing a strict shopping list and taking no more cash with him than the list dictates. The billionaire applies more discipline to his big shop than most of us despite a financial buffer zone that would cover 300,000 jobseeker’s allowances for a year. Of course, what he writes on that list may well be astonishingly expensive, but the point is that Boone – like many others among the rich and famous – does not use his infinite chequebook as a license to splurge.

Just a glance at Mark Zuckerberg tells you all you need to know about the Facebook founder’s attitude towards extravagance. His simple T-shirt and jeans get-up and Acura TSX entry-level motor are hardly befitting a modern-day prince. Michael Bloomberg keeps a similarly austere wardrobe despite being a billionaire twenty-six times over. The business mogul and former New York mayor wore the same two pairs of shoes for an entire decade – preferring occasional visits to his cobbler over splashing out on the latest Louis Vuittons.

For a rundown on some of the other eccentric spendthrifts hoarding their cash while the rest of us experience pangs of guilt at the thought of supersizing our take-out coffees, run your eyes over this fabulous infographic, while fantasizing about what you’d do with all that dough. After all, fantasies don’t cost a thing.

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