Comfortable means of using notebook/Laptop and similar devices in your personal room is on the bed, many issues occur such as placing these devices direct on the bed sheets which traps the heat flow out and is a fire hazard. Another is the person’s posture and no adequate flat surface. While often times limited spaces limits us on our personal use of these devices which may be in bedroom or lounge room in a relax mode. Using fixed tables would lessen the space and might not be ergonomically inclined to fit your posture needs. The swing away table Idea was then brought up and further conceptualize.


The table is able to rotate in a certain angle to fit under the bed for maximize space and open in a usable manner. Few swivel features makes the tablet rotate in 2 planar axis. Is disabled friendly as it aids the user easily and no lifting needed to perform. Ergonomically inclined as it lets the user in a comfortable posture and the tablet swing towards the user while maintaining proper laid back position.


Structure and attached clamp is made of metal hollow sections and enamel coating to suit preferred color. Hinge mechanism and table support is of rigid steel components. Certain rod support is of aluminum cast material. Tablet may be of wood finished veneer and option of molded polymer material. Other sustainable material is also possible.


Ergo-Table_004IvanPaulAbanilla_720x720 Ergo-Table_005IvanPaulAbanilla_720x720

by Ivan Paul Abanilla

via A’Design Award & Competition




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