Time is running out! This is your last chance to be recognized by the most prestigious of awards in design.  The A’Design Awards & Competition is about to close on February 28 so it would be great to register your entry for 2017 as soon as you can here:


Recognizing and celebrating innovative concept designs by promoting the best designers all over the world is the primary vision of world’s leading annual juried competition, the A’Design Awards & Competition.



Among the design categories are:


    9a4d78b2eb8c9e460ce642dff7eb79735850375d-t710Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water by Studio he9171e4d9bd799342b9c27e9e9bb21911359ddf7-t710

    Kopos® | Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Chris Trivizas

    Bare Cosmetics Cosmetic by Angela Spindler, Depot Creative

  2. Graphics and Visual Communication Design

    6db80b94bfed0d5ed1036be1fa80217bb0ce8e1e-t710Topology Illustration by Leong Huang Zi

    9d16d2d8a308160c7b315cacc4e4b8b3221abc74-t710Distortion Series Book Jackets by Derek Dubler

    07a15a6c23188291524a7b75fd0bba216d3f35f8-t710Geometric Landmarks Travel Poster series by Ben Grib

  3. Photography and Photo Manipulation Design

    957b65c7b6660e6a30a1da46fcc7d373eb4167d4-t710Parallel Personal Exhibition by Chris Slabber

    5dca207d96a5abd716836c679a2039d79c800ae8-t710Ethereal World Print Exhibition by Emi Haze

  4. Advertising, Marketing and Communication

    de525568f7519566f6dc93347f3459b1f24f415c-t710Worth Interactive Advertising Print by Nikola Vucicevic

    e149d1688e9b4aeb6dec5972e04380732fdb35e1-t710PepsiCo NSPIRE Mobile Kitchen by PepsiCo Design & Innovation

    17ac1f2fcd6d39bc4f03529252799b1e00af6577-t710DOMM Corporate Design by Studio Eusebio

  5. Website and Web Design

    e7dd4d02ef71d791b2488157df9a3ff32bbfdf75-t710Illusion (Full-Screen Redesign) Website by Adriana de Barros

    067831f97ab4528ef90c57797c32aba327b56c64-1-t710GoodAppStudio Inc. Website Website by Keyvan Kasaei

    da2eef5f0acd2c9db169667202afbb5d70decb58-t710Project Scope Website by Pawel Malenczak

There are loads more of design categories to choose from!


When it comes to judging all entries, it becomes quite tough since this bunch is composed of an international jury panel of scholars, professionals and media members. If that isn’t enough, the A’Design veers away its judging process from the norm as it employs peer-review process with anonymous voting and evaluation of entries. Pressure is on and so is the challenge to enter the best work you have.

But, this pays off BIG TIME.  Apart from an epic ego boost, you get to bring honor to the country and of course, have the chance to be donned with:

  1. 3D Printed Metal A’Design Award trophy in Black Luxury Box
  2. Being immortalized in A’Design’s Yearbook
  3. PR and Publicity
  4. Inclusion in World Design Rankings
  5. Gala Night Ceremony Invitation for two in Como, Italy
  6. Free participation and space allocation in the winners’ exhibition (both online gallery inclusions as well as physical exhibition in Italy
  7. Guaranteed publication through IDNN and DXGN Networks to 100+ magazines including Design Interviews & DM Design Magazine
  8. Press release preparation and distribution through DesignPRWire
  9. Publicity and visibility through DesignMedia communications
  10. Lifelong licensing of the award winners logo, A2 poster design and printing for exhibition

Time’s almost up for submission of entries on February 28!


Selection of results will be published here on April 15.

THIS. IS. YOUR. MOMENT, Pinoy Creatives, Good Luck!




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