What do you do as a portrait photographer when you need to reignite your creative spark? One thing you can do is switch tools. When asked to shoot the stars at the Sundance Film Festival for the fifth year in a row, celebrity photographer Victoria Will did just that.

She put down her DSLR and picked up an old Graflex Super D camera, and she replaced the TIFFs and JPGs with beautiful, aluminum tintypes.

Last but not least, she added Profoto Pro-8 flashes and Light Shaping Tools to the equation, thereby bringing the century-old tintype technique into the 21st century.

TinType_001VictoriaWill_720x929 TinType_002VictoriaWill_720x928 TinType_003VictoriaWill_720x916 TinType_004VictoriaWill_720x938 TinType_005VictoriaWill_720x926 TinType_006VictoriaWill_720x566 TinType_007VictoriaWill_720x920 TinType_008VictoriaWill_720x930 TinType_009VictoriaWill_720x921 TinType_010VictoriaWill_720x932 TinType_011VictoriaWill_720x927 TinType_012VictoriaWill_720x933 TinType_013VictoriaWill_720x919

by Victoria Will




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