If you want to make your home more stylish and furnish it in a way that it reflects your personality, here are  some ideas how to use your bookshelf. You can apply these brilliant ideas for achieving the desired effect in your home interior. Implement the ones you like best that you think would be appropriate for your home.

If you want to give depth to the wall on which your bookshelf is located, you can install mirrors along its back. The bookshelf can be built-in or consisting of two or three parts, which are similar in design and light in colour. This will create the sense three-dimensional space in your room.

If your shelf is filled with books and the room in which it is located doesn’t  have very much light, you can make it cosier by displaying a piece of art on it. Hang a portrait or other painting in its centre, covering some of the books. This will make your room furnished in English style.


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You can paint your bookshelf in a saturated colour of your choice, which will match the whole interior of the room. Use an appropriate lacquer to make your bookshelf refreshed and modern. This will give depth, richness and magnificence to this area in your room and even make it the focal point in it.

If your bookshelf is in your living room it should be well styled. This room will be visited by your guests, friends that’s why it should be exquisitely and fashionably designed. You can put antiques, sculptures, ceramics, pieces of art and a few books on the shelves. Decorate the wall on the back of the bookshelf by using some pattern. You can paint it or apply a wallpaper with some graphic detail.


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Another way you can decorate your room is by leaving it empty and painting the wall behind the bookshelf in a saturated bright colour which suits the interior. You can place a pot or a vase with some flower on its central shelf. This will make your room stylish and looking spacious. TenancyCleaning W11 are advising you to avoid cluttering your bookshelf with too many items. This will not only make the room look tinier and smaller, but also create you more work for cleaning and maintaining it. The less items you have on your shelves, the easier their cleaning will be and the room will look more airy and well arranged.


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You can use your bookshelf for multi purposes. Apart from storing books on it, you can use the shelves which offer more space for placing photos, pictures, vases, even bottles with drinks and glass sets. This is especially applicable for living rooms, where there isn’t a fireplace. You can use your bookshelf as a mantelpiece.

You can colour coordinate your books which you put on your bookshelf. Arrange the books in the same colour in one place one over another in a horizontal position. Leave space between each pile of books. This will make your bookshelf spacious and stylishly arranged.


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You can apply a wallpaper on the wall behind the bookshelf to energize your room atmosphere. If you prefer you can use the bookshelves for storing sets of porcelain glasses. Display some paintings or drawings on the wall behind the bookshelf, if the wallpaper isn’t too particoloured.

Another way you can use your bookshelf, if it is an in antique style, is by making it function as a bar. Put bottles of drinks, sets with glasses on the first two-three shelves. You can store some books on the last shelf. If the bookshelf has a built-in cupboard under the shelves, you can use it to store more of bottles with drinks.

These brilliant ideas for your bookshelf can make your rooms more stylish. You should think about the cleaning and maintaining of your bookshelf before you start organizing it. Store less items on the shelves and avoid cluttering them to make your bookshelf easier for maintaining clean.

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Guest post by Edna Thomson




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