Yvette Lising, a UST Fine Arts Advertising graduate and freelance visual artist based in Quezon City. Growing up, she spent countless hours drawing and painting portraits of her friends, famous landmarks and other things that interested her. Having a photographer dad and several creatives in her family also proved to be a conducive environment in which she developed her personal style.


She enjoys creating illustrations, layouting and experimenting with different colour combinations to create contrasty and vibrant designs. For inspiration, she often look to video games, movies and research on other styles to broaden her horizon.  Also a travel nut; going to new places has taught her to take risks and challenge her perceptions. It has also enabled her to get a fresh outlook on the world which influence the way she treats her work.


Presently, Yvette spend most of her time doing various designs and advertising for local businesses and dabble on wedding and portrait photography on most weekends.

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by Yvette Lising




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