BECK’S is a traditional beer brewery from North Germany. It’s served in almost every bar and nightclub throughout the country and has a history in collaborating with artists and musicians. More and more young beer drinkers tend to prefer small breweries and craft beers instead of big players like BECK’S. BBDO Berlin wanted to find a way to make BECK’S more appealing again to a younger and frequently outgoing audience.

It’s a party phenomenon: people like to scratch shapes into the characteristic aluminum neck of BECK’S bottles. Based on this insight the creative agency developed an interactive and playful packaging that turned the whole bottle into an aluminum canvas.

ScratchBottle_01Becks_720x720 ScratchBottle_02Becks_720x720 ScratchBottle_03Becks_720x720 ScratchBottle_04Becks_720x720 ScratchBottle_05Becks_720x720 ScratchBottle_06Becks_720x720 ScratchBottle_07Becks_720x720 ScratchBottle_08Becks_720x720 ScratchBottle_09Becks_720x720 ScratchBottle_10Becks_720x720
Client: Beck’s
Agency: BBDO Berlin
Creative Managing Director/s: Jan Harbeck
CCO: Wolfgang Schneider
Creative Director: Daniel Schweinzer, Lukas Liske, Ricardo Wolff
Art Director: Nicoals Moles
Copywriter: Lukas Liske, Charlotte Gärtner
Kundenberatung: Lindsay Jönsson
Agency Producer: Michael Pflanz,
Markus Kuhn Photographer: Michail Paderin, Christian H. Hasselbusch
Illustration: Jessica Witt, Marianne Nicolas, Simon Stehle, Lena Dirscherl
Music: Zac BronskiZac Bronski
Motion Design : Marius Menzel




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