In 2015, the E. Zobel Foundation focused its efforts on raising consciousness for Filipino art. This is especially difficult because in the Philippines, art is at the farthest end of the spectrum of needs, with over 70% living below the poverty line. So the challenge is how to get common Filipinos to care about art? By giving them a version of a game they play every day: The Lotto.

Introducing #ArtLotto, a lottery where you didn’t have to buy a ticket to play. All you needed to do was look for any form of art, take a photo or video, and post it on social media, hashtag artlotto. Every entry was assigned a lotto number drawn electronically for the jackpot money. Entries were aggregated in a site that also served as an online gallery of Filipino art. Turning Filipinos into ambassadors of Filipino art and turning every month into an art consciousness month.

Advertising Agency: Publicis JimenezBasic, Philippines
Executive Creative Directors: Trixie Diyco, Brandie Tan
Creative Director / Copywriter: Raymund SIson
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Ryder Aquino




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