Ajori is a kitchenware design for organizing and storing various spices and condiments, adapting to diverse culinary customs of each country. This organic object is inspired by garlic shape, resulting in a sculptural piece, an excellent gift and a beautiful ornament initiator of conversation around the table. Ajori is environmentally friendly and respectful to our planet, inspired by nature and made entirely from natural materials. The design of the packaging is inspired by the skin of garlic generating a singular proposal ecopackaging.


The product is directed towards a new concept of creative cuisine, not to mention the domestic sector or as a good gift idea. Ajorí, on the table of a restaurant or at home, is a product that in addition to its clear functionality, generates positive emotions, not to mention that due to its garlic form, it can be an excellent protector of our home or business against bad vibrations.


As the manufacture of Ajorí, PhotoAlquimia used porcelain, glass and wood, a fusion of warm and cool materials combined with a careful work of industrial and handicraft production. For the production of porcelain, they employed techniques of slip casting and high pressure. The pieces are finally enamelled and hand painted. The wooden handle hand-carved, polished and finished with vegetable oil and natural wax. The anti-drip cannulas of the cruet are carved by hand, using a colored borosilicate glass.


Ajorí is the first project of a line of research of functional design entitled “NATURA IMITATIS”, from the Latin, imitating nature. Working with very simple ideas, within the field of bio-mimicry, this design interacts with the public in an archetypal emotional level, trying to activate an underlying knowledge since always in our deepest thoughts. In the observation and imitation of nature, it is very possible that we can find the necessary solutions of designs, for a long-term sustainable society in harmony with their environment and with the planet.

Ajori_004PhotoAlquimina_720x960 Ajori_005PhotoAlquimina_720x960 Ajori_006PhotoAlquimina_720x960 Ajori_007PhotoAlquimina_720x960 Ajori_008PhotoAlquimina_720x637 Ajori_009PhotoAlquimina_720x960 Ajori_010PhotoAlquimina_720x960

Designed by PhotoAlquimia

via A’Design Award & Competition




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