With summer internships around the corner and the competition heating up, there’s only one thing on every ad student’s mind – What kind of agency do they want to work at?

That’s the exact question that inspired Miami Ad School students Aditya Hariharan (CW) and Josh Namdar (AD) to create Agency Scoops.


Agency Scoops is a project to help confused students cool off, and get a taste of different ad agencies by presenting them as ice cream flavors. Each agencies’ container is designed with their most iconic work as the key visual, while quirky flavor names and descriptions try to capture their culture. The back of each container has a list of must-see work along with recent awards won.


With the project, the duo hope that other ad students will find themselves more informed than they were while looking for their own internships. They also hope that any potential employers reading this might check out their portfolios and drop them a line.

AgencyScoops_003_720x466 AgencyScoops_004_720x466 AgencyScoops_005_720x466 AgencyScoops_006_720x466 AgencyScoops_007_720x466 AgencyScoops_008_720x466

by Aditya Hariharan and Josh Namdar

via Agencyscoop




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