Act of Love” is visual compilation of courtship between animals of 73 different species from all over the world, categorized according to their behavioral patterns. This unprecedented project shows animals during courtship in their own natural habitats. Often amusing, sometimes painful to look at, the images make us realize that human beings are yet another type of animal woven in the mysterious fabric of life. This project was compiled under the supervision of Professor Keisuke Ueda, from the Rikkyo University Department of Bioscience, who is a renowned scholar of behavioral ecology and ornithology, and science communicator Masato Obuchi.

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Perhaps humans talk too much.
We use too many words and misunderstand each other.
We think too much and end up feeling afraid.
But animals don’t worry over their decisions.
They act out of need and express themselves instinctively.
This is pure strength, and primal love.
Sagami original, the condom brand most committed to the quest for love,
presents the “Act of Love” visual dictionary,
a compilation of animal courtship.

Whether human or animal,
loving means taking action.

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