In the world of marketing, color is regarded as crucial. This is why the ability to understand color psychology is one of the most powerful tools a business owner can have. Colors are used used to capture the attention of customers and improve user experience. In online marketing, different colors play a huge role in determining whether a visitor will enjoy their experience while browsing through website or quickly leave without making a purchase.

Recent studies indicate that certain colors can trigger a whole spectrum of emotions and behaviors associated with purchasing. Having an understanding of the role that colors can play in creating harmonious visual presentations on a website can increase conversion rates.

Businesses that wish to capture the attention of site visitors and ensure an increase in conversion should make an effort to understand the complex relationship between colors and emotions. Choosing a color scheme should not be arbitrary, but informed with the recognition that colors have the power to communicate different feelings and values. In addition to quality website design and responsive features, choosing a selection of aesthetically pleasing colors is essential for any brand that is dedicated to improving user experience and increasing conversion rates.

For more on the power of colors and their use in brand marketing, take a look at the comprehensive infographic below containing 40 incredible facts about the psychology of colors.

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