We all have our share of demons that hide stealthily into the abyss of our subconscious, hindering our progress, nagging at us in one way or the other. These demons, at times, appear as irrational fears. Such are the fears that they affect us in ways we deem not conceivable and even challenge our capabilities and potential.

Some of the most intriguing and unfathomable ones of the phobias that are found to meddle with the creative mind are, “Horror Vacui” which is the Latin phrase for “the fear of empty space” and, “Chromophobia” which is an irrational fear of colors and the person fighting such a fear may draw an aversion to the certain tints, hues or shades. Another interesting phobia that many creatives are known to face is the, “Atelophobia”, the fear of imperfection.

Explore the following 18 phobias that every creative MUST learn to confront and overcome…


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